Structure – Function of Drugs II

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Semester 3

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Autumn semester

Course description

Topics covered by the course:

Cells and molecules of the immune system. Identification of B- and T- cell epitopes. Synthetic vaccines. Carcinogenesis, epidemiology, environmental effect. Diagnosis, tumour markers. radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy. Combined therapy. Target molecules. Targeting of drugs, isotopes. Immunmodulation, immune suppression.

Classification and nomenclature of drugs. Metabolism, ADME properties. Targets of drugs, molecular mechanism of efficiency. Drugs affecting enzymes and receptors. Quantitative structure – function relationship.


Compulsory literature*:

  • R. Ng: Drugs-From Discovery to Approval, 3rd Edition Wiley, 2015

  • K. Stromgaard, P. Krogsgaard-Larsen and U. Madsen: Textbook of Drug Design and Discovery 4th Edition, CRC Press, 2009

Suggested literature:

  • Chi-Jen Lee et al.: Development and Evaluation of Drugs: From Laboratory through Licensure to Market, 2nd Edition, 2003

  • G. Thomas: Medicinal Chemistry: An Introduction, 2nd Edition Wiley, 2008

  • J. G. Cannon: Pharmacology for Chemists (ACS Professional Reference Book), 2nd Edition, Oxford University Press, 2007

  • Drug Design Strategies: Computational Techniques and Applications RSC Drug Discovery Series Editor(s): Lee Banting, Tim Clark, 2012