Anja Gavrić

Anja Gavrić

Study program: English and American Studies BA

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina


Period of studies at ELTE: 2017.09.11 - 2020.06.30


Why ELTE? 

ELTE is the oldest Hungarian university, making it one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Hungary. It is composed out of 9 faculties, giving a variety of options for international students to study in Budapest. At least 27000 students decide to study in this institution each semester and you can become one of them as well!

What do you like most about being a student at ELTE? 

During my one and a half year studying at ELTE, I have come to have a great respect for my professors. They tend to step out of a traditional teaching environment and work on making you fully understand what they are talking about. This was, at first, unusual to me since I was used to a very professional environment. However, I can now see the clear difference between my passion for studying at ELTE and the one from back home. Additionally, the professors at ELTE make sure that the atmosphere is friendly and are very enthusiastic about the courses they are teaching which makes you interested in discovering more. 

What are your challenges in your study program?   

One of the biggest challenges that I faced was the fact I am the only student from Bosnia and Herzegovina studying at the ‘English and American Studies’ program. At first, it was difficult to approach other students since the biggest number of them are Hungarian or international students who knew each other from preparatory year, but once I stepped out my comfort zone I realized that my identity does not present any difference between us and it showed how welcoming the classroom environment is.

How do you think your degree will help you in your life and career?

My studies are currently touching on a variety of topics, since I took two more specializations next to my major, and I consider myself lucky because they are topics on which I wanted to focus on during my higher education. It does not pin me to one field and it helps me deepen my knowledge about certain hobbies I have, whether it is related to language, film or culture.

Do you have any recommendations for future students at ELTE? 

Make sure to enjoy and appreciate every moment you have during your studies. Although living abroad may seem intimidating, it could be the best decision you ever make and neither Budapest, nor ELTE disappoint. It is a great opportunity to give yourself a chance and try things you have never tried before, whether it is studying Hungarian (ELTE does give out lessons), starting a new sport (for which you can even get credits at this university) or anything else that you want to try sometime in your life. Every moment is valuable and it constructs your personality.