Anthropology of the Carpathian Basin

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Semesters 1-4

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Autumn/Spring semester

Course description

1. Geological epochs. Time-scale of primate evolution.

2. Miocene hominoids in the Carpathian Basin.

3. Archaeological periodization: from the Oldowan to the Antiquity.

4. Lower, Middle and Upper Paleolithic sites in the Carpathian Basin.

5. Mesolithic and Neolithic Ages in the Carpathian Basin.

6. Copper and Bronze Ages in the Carpathian Basin.

7. Iron Age in the Carpathian basin: Celtic and Scythian Periods.

8. Romain and Early Migration Periods in the Carpathian Basin.

9. Late Migration Period: the Avars.

10. Carolingian Period and the time of the Hungarian Conquest.

11. History of Hungarians before the Conquest in the Carpathian Basin.

12. Populations of the Árpádian Age.

13. Turkish occupation in the Carpathian Basin.

14. Colonization in Hungary in the 18th century.

15. Population of the Carpathian Basin in the 20th century.

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