Other costs

Other costs
Besides the tuition fee and the accommodation, you need to cover the expenses of meals and local public transport for yourself. 

A regular menu at the university canteen / little restaurants costs about HUF 1,200-1800 (≈ EUR 4-6). There are also several restaurants around the university where you can have lunch for about HUF 1,500 – 3000 (≈ EUR 5 – 10). If you decide to stay at an ELTE Student Residence Hall, you can also cook for yourself in the kitchen. The average cost of food for a month is about EUR 320-350.

Public transport in Budapest

Budapest has an efficient, diverse and low-cost network of public transport, including bus, metro, trolley bus, tram, suburban railway lines (called HÉV lines), and boat services. By using any kinds of transportation, you can reach your destination fast and convenient in the city.

The weekly Budapest pass costs HUF 4, 950 (≈ EUR 15). Check the prices for all types of tickets and passes on the website of the Center for Budapest Transport (Budapesti Közlekedési Központ, BKK).