Central international relations office

Central international relations office HU

The Rector's Cabinet International Office (earlier: Rector's Office, Department of International Education and Mobility) was estabilished at the beginning of 2009 by merging parts of three main departments of the university administration: the Rector’s Secretariat, the Department of Academic Affairs, and the Centre for Grant Affairs.

The Office deals with the following tasks:

  • Central coordination of incoming and outgoing exchange students
    • Erasmus students
    • Science without borders students
    • Other scholarship holders and non-scholarship holders
    • Students arriving within the framework of a bilateral agreement
  • Central coordination of certain scholarships for outgoing students
  • Central coordination and organisation of summer universities and other short and long term programs in foreign languages
  • Central coordination of full degree programs for international students
  • Providing international students with information about studying at ELTE
  • Central organisation of the university’s international marketing
  • Central representation of the university in international affairs
  • Central coordination of bilateral agreements with other universities

Visiting and postal address:
H-1056 Hungary Budapest 
Szerb utca 21-23
1st floor, Room 6

Central email address:
T: +36-1-411-6543 
F: +36-1-411-6538

Vice-Rector for International Affairs
Imre HAMAR, Prof. Dr. 
E: nemzrh@elte.hu T: +36-1-411-6541 +36-1-411-6500/ext. 3180

International Office, Rector’s Cabinet

Ferenc TAKÓ, PhD
Head of the International Office
E: ferenc.tako@rk.elte.hu
T: +36-1-411-6500/3746 (ext.)

Erasmus+ Department

Head of Department
T: +36-1-411-6500/2170 (ext.)

Orsolya PÓSCH
International Coordinator
E: orsolya.posch@rk.elte.hu
T: +36-1-411-6500/1963 (ext.)

Project Administrator
E: agnes.ruzsa@rk.elte.hu
T: +36-1-411-6500/1392 (ext.)

International Coordinator
E: petra.piesko@rk.elte.hu
T: +36-1-411-6500

Department of International Programs

Head of Department
T: +36-1-411-6500/1363 (ext.)
Office hours: Tuesday 14:00-15:30 (by appointment)

Scholarship Coordinator (Stipendium Hungaricum)
E: dalma.kovacs@rk.elte.hu
T: +36-1-411-6500/3081 (ext.)

Summer University Coordinator
E: greta.ercsey@rk.elte.hu
T: +36-1-411-6500/2178 (ext.)

International Coordinator
E: nora.szaniszló@rk.elte.hu
T: +36-1-411-6500/2249 (ext.)

Department of International Cooperation Management

Katalin ÖHLER 
Head of Department
T: +36-1-411-6500/1385 (ext.)

Assistance for the Vice-Rector for International Affairs
E: ilona.gal@rk.elte.hu
T: +36-1-411-6500/3180 (ext.)

Global Bilateral Agreements Coordinator
E: dora.ehrenberger@rk.elte.hu
T: +36-1-411-6500/1387 (ext.)

International Relations Officer
E: ilona.szollar@rk.elte.hu
T: +36-1-411-6500/2860 (ext.)


We are looking for interns at the International Office, Rector’s Cabinet, ELTE

You don’t have enough professional experience, but you can’t find a job, where you are not expected to have job experience? Become an intern at our office. The International Office, Rector’s Cabinet ELTE is constantly seeking for new interns who are current students at ELTE or international students in Budapest with the Erasmus+ Traineeship program.

The International Office, Rector’s Cabinet ELTE is looking for voluntary interns who are current ELTE students or non-ELTE international students want to be interns with the Erasmus Placement scholarship in Budapest.

ELTE students should be available for 10-15 hours/week for a six-week period to complete their internship. Non-ELTE international students with an Erasmus+Traineeship scholarship should be available for a duration of 2-12 months to complete their internship.


  • Create background materials for the different types of activities of the Office
  • Assist in the international marketing activities of the International Office
  • Assist in the promotional activities of mobility programs (e.g; Erasmus)
  • Write texts for printed and online brochures in English and/or in Hungarian
  • Edit the  social media platforms of ELTE
  • Participate in the preparation and organization of various events (e.g, Orientation Days, summer schools)
  • Translate into and from foreign languages
  • Administrative tasks related to any international projects run by the International Office
  • Ad-hoc administrative tasks


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English (If available: Excellent written and verbal communication skills in Hungarian language – this is not a minimum requirement)
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Use of Photoshop or other photo editing software is an advantage (only for certain marketing communications tasks)
  • Work independently
  • High quality work
  • Speaking other foreign languages is an advantage

What we offer:

  • Diverse tasks (you won’t easily get bored J)
  • Opportunity to learn: You can develop yourself in many fields (e.g; you can improve your organizational skills, written and verbal communication skills, grow your confidence) which can be useful for your future job.
  • Flexible working time:
    • Current ELTE students: You are required to be at the Office only 4-5 hours/week and you can work from home 6-10 hours/week.
    • Non-ELTE international students: You are required to be at the Office half of your working hours and you can work from home the other half of your working hours.
  • A working desk with a laptop at the International Office
  • Reference letter for your future job after a successful cooperation

Duration and location:

  • International Office, Rector’s Cabinet, ELTE (1056 Budapest, Szerb utca 21-23. 1. floor)
  • Duration of internship: 6 weeks (ELTE students), 2-12 months (non-ELTE international students with Erasmus+ traineeship)

Send your CV in English to iro@elte.hu
Please include in the Subject of the email: your name and “international intern”

Deadline for the application: