Embryogenesis and differentiation in plants

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Semester 2

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Spring semester

Course description

I. Zygotic embryogenesis of higher plants 1, The zygote 2, Polarity and asymmetric cell division

II. The terminal and basal cell differentiation 1, The proembryo 2, The suspensor

III. Globular-heart transition 1, Tissue and meristem differentiation 2, Hormonal regulation of embryogenesis

IV. The polarised embryo: apical-basal pattern formation

V. Endosperm: origin, development and function

VI. Embryo culture

VII. Somatic embriogenesis 1, Initiation of somatic embryos from single cells 2, Gene expression during somatic embryogenesis

VIII. Embryogenic development of pollen grains 1, Factors affecting pollen sporophytic growth 2, Cytology of pollen embryogenesis

IX. Shoot apex: strusture and function 1, The shoot apical meristems 2, Cellular differentiation and development of meristems

X. Determination and cell interactions in reproductive meristems 1, Transition to floral meristem 2, The floral meristem 3, Gen expression in the early floral meristem

XI. Floral organ primordia and homeotic genes

XII. Cell tissue differentiation and patterning

XIII. Shoot morphogenesis in vitro 1, Hystology of bud formation 2, Physiological aspects of organized development 3, Gene expression

XIV. Cellular and molecular aspects during organized development

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