Experimental Methods in Physiology

Type of instruction




Part of degree program


Recommended in

Semester 2

Typically offered in

Spring semester

Course description

1. Basic laboratory techniques, planning of research activities. Processes for data recording and analysis

2. General methods of surgery. Handling of animals, instruments, recording equipments

3. Cell and tissue culture techniques, testing of viability

4. Investigations on isolated organs I. Pharmacological investigation of isolated rat intestine

5. Investigations on isolated organs II. Study on isolated brain slices

6. Studies on the peripheral nervous system, electrophysiological measurements on neuromuscular preparation

7. Study of the cardiovascular system, parallel recording of rat electrocardiogram and blood pressure

8. Complex recording of drug effects on rat respiratory and vascular system

9. Data analysis of polygraphic investigations

10. Chronic macro- and micro-electrophysiological investigations I. Analysis of spontaneous EEG activity of rat

11. Chronic macro- and micro-electrophysiological investigations II, analysis of evoked potentials on rat

12. Methods for neurochemical investigations

13. Testing of alterations of animal behavior following drug treatments

14. Study of animal learning and memory


Prints of written materials.