Genetics and Population Genetics

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Semester 1

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Autumn semester

Course description
  1. Historical development of the Gene, allelism and DNA polimorphisms, orthology and paralogy

  2. Genetics, Genomics,Biotechnology,Bioinformatics : interconnections

  3. Microbial Genetics and Eucaryotic Genetics Analyses: free passages in complementations, genetic mappings, epistases, mutation, diploidity and partial diploidity

  4. Genetic analyses and Gene cloning : utilizing phage, plasmid, transposon, bacterium and yeast genetics in gene clonings and in functional analyses of cloned genes. Positional (genetic map based) cloning of genes.

  5. The genetic map: mapping via recombinational analyses, in situ mappings on chromosomes ,mapping by cell fusions,X-ray mapping,comparative genetic mapping.

  6. Complementarity and free passages between mapping logics.

  7. Analyses of gene interactions for dissecting obligate gene cascades, complex structures, signalling pathways. Epistasis , Suppression, Yeast Two Hybrid screen, Gene silencing-phenocopy-epistasis analysis

  8. Transgenic organisms and their use in genetic analyses, in applied genetics ( industrial, medical, agricultural)

  9. DNA diagnostics: applications in population and conservational genetics, in historical genetics, in clinical genetics, in plant and animal breeding, in GMO, in microbial industry, etc.

  10. Microevolution : origin, maintaining, inheritance of phenotypic variability in and in between populations. Varieties for inheritances. Interactions between genotypes-phenotypes, phenotypes-enviroment .

  11. Macroevolution: origins, extinction of species and taxons, their ecological interactions, and impacts.

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