Molecular Cell Biology

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Semester 1

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Autumn semester

Course description

Origin and universal features of the cells,
Structure and function of the nucleus,
DNA replication, repair and recombination,
Control of gene expression,
Intracellular compartmentalisation of the cell
Intracellular vesicular trafficingand protein sorting
From DNA to RNA, from RNA to protein
Co- and port-translational controls
The cytosceleton and molecular motors
Components of cell cycle control system
Intracellular control of cell cycle
Mechanics of cell division
Peroxisomes, gyloxisomes, hidrogenosomes
Energy conversion: the mitochondrion and the electrontransport chains
General principles of cell communication, signaling pathways
Cell junctions, cell adhesion and the extracellular matrix
Molecular and cellular basis of cancerogenesis
Mechanisms of programmed cell death, apoptosis, autophagocytosis
Regulation of cell death
Histology,: the lives and deaths of cells in tissues

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