OLS Assessment

You can access the language test by connecting to the new interface of OLS on the following page. The following guidance document is available for registration, access to the test and language courses.

You must complete the OLS test before every mobility, even if you have already completed one before for a previous mobility. You can find the exceptions at the guidelines below.

It is IMPORTANT to download the certificate. If you can not do that, please make a screenshot of the results. You will need to send this certificate or screenshot to your faculty coordinator along with the other before mobility documents. If you happen to have closed the page and want to see your result again to download the certificate or to take the screenshot, follow the steps in this document.

The Online Language Support (OLS) is a free online language learning platform for Erasmus+ participants. With OLS you can test your current level in the language you will use while you are abroad on Erasmus+ or in any of the languages available on the platform. You can access language courses throughout your mobility and learn as much as you want, at your own pace. You can find a list of the language courses currently available here.

The OLS system runs on the EUAcademy portal, which also means that you can access additional courses by registering!

After the registration, you can access the various language tests on this link. here is how:

  • Click on the "Join community" option
  • Search for the language of your mobility and click on the "*language* Learning community and Resources" option
  • Find the "Placement Test" option for your language and start the test.

If you do your mobility in your native language, or OLS is not yet available in the language of the mobility, you do not have to complete the test.