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Philosophy MA




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Department of General Philosophy
Department of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
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4 semesters (2 years)

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The MA programme in Philosophy offered by the Institute of Philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities is a two-year, full-time programme [IB1] comprising four semesters. Students need to have some philosophical background – in practice, this means students are expected to have completed a minimum of 30 ECTS [DMA2] credits as part of their BA studies. Students will have the opportunity to design their own study plan and research programme under the supervision of a director of their studies (in most cases, different from their thesis supervisor). This ensures flexibility and a personalised study trajectory, but also sufficient guidance so that students acquire both extensive and in-depth knowledge in the major fields of philosophy. At the same time students are required to engage in research either in some areas of history of philosophy, or in some field of systematic philosophy. These studies lead up to the MA thesis project.

The programme enables students to carry out a research program in philosophy and prepares them for doctoral studies.

Our faculty have significant international experience. They have studied and/or taught and pursued research in highly acclaimed universities and research centres in Europe and North America. The different departments of the Institute of Philosophy have academic co-operations and exchange programmes with various European universities and research centres. It has Erasmus+ partnership with the University of Pittsburgh, Tel Aviv, and with several major European Universities.


Instead of tracks of specialisations the programme in philosophy is organised in a flexible way so that students can plan their studies under the guidance of the director of studies. Students are required to choose a focal point in their study and research: either history of philosophy or systematic philosophy. They have to earn 48 ECTS credits [DMA3] in subjects belonging to this focal area.

Strength of program

Our Institute stands out among centres for the study of philosophy internationally for its balance between the history of philosophy and the systematic aspects of the discipline. This way our students are not only well versed in the details of the development of the Western philosophical traditions but also learn to appreciate the connections between the discussions and issues philosophical disciplines currently focus, on the one hand, and the historical motivations of these discussions, on the other. Our students gain insight into how issues at the forefront of today’s philosophical research were articulated and tackled through the ages.

Find the structure of the program on the webpage of the Faculty.

Career opportunities

This program is recommended to applicants who would like to deepen their knowledge in philosophy and intend to pursue an academic career or intend to work as experts in the humanities, with an emphasis on philosophy, or to be potentially employed outside of academia in publishing houses, cultural centres, international companies, civil service or non-governmental organizations, among other places.

EU/EEA students
non-EU/EEA students
Tuition fee/semester

2,500 EUR

2,500 EUR

Application fee

150 EUR

150 EUR

Other costs

100 EUR (Entrance exam fee)

100 EUR (Entrance exam fee)

non-EU/EEA students
Tuition fee/semester

2,500 EUR

Application fee

150 EUR

Other costs

100 EUR (Entrance exam fee)

Offered for the next academic year


Start program

02, Sep, 2024

Deadline for applications - September intake

30, Jun, 2024

Is there a February intake


Admission requirements

Entry requirements

There are two ways applicants can fulfil entry requirements, (i) or (ii):

(i) Full credit acknowledgment of degree. The applicant holds a university bachelor’s degree in Liberals Arts.
(ii) Itemized credit fulfilment. Applicants holding another university bachelor’s degree are eligible to enter the program if they can show at least 30 credits (or equivalent) of course work spanning the following areas: philosophy, aesthetics and ethics.

For the itemized-credit option (ii), a transcript from the applicant’s bachelor's degree as well as course descriptions for the 30 credits will be requested.

The educational and outcome requirements are defined by the Ministry of Human Capacities, Regulation No. 18/2016. (VIII. 5.). Details of the application and admission process are defined by the Organisational and Operational Regulations of ELTE.

Language requirements

The language of instruction is English. Non-native speakers of English must demonstrate a very good level of English-language skills.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System): 7.0
CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference): C1
TOEFL IBT (Internet-based test): 83-120
TOEFL IBT Home Edition: 83-120
Duolingo: 115

Documents to submit with application
Document Comment
Secondary school certificate (graduation certificate) Notarized copy only on request.
Bachelor-level degree An official copy of your completed Bachelor degree
Transcript of records  
Motivation letter A maximum of 500 words
Essay 5-15 pages total. This can be:  an essay or parts thereof; alternatively, a thesis chapter or parts thereof. Please submit a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 pages (single spaced).
Research work plan  
Copy of the main pages of the passport (needs to be valid) Scanned, in colour all personal details and expiry date must be shown. Passport must be valid.
Copy of application fee transfer  
Copy of the Entrance exam fee transfer  
Language certificate Official test result or certificate must be provided; see program specific proficiency requirements
Other: An official English translation of the certificates and the records if the language of the original is not English  

Optional documents for admissions

  • Curriculum Vitae in English

In MS Word format with one low resolution photo

  • Letter of Reference

Also called "Letter of recommendation." From a former instructor and/or employer. A maximum 2 letters of recommendation can be submitted.

Application procedure

Application deadlines

The deadline for application means the deadline of submission of the full and complete application package in the online system.

Period 1 for September intake: 01/11-30/11/2023 23:59 (CET)
Period 2 for September intake: 01/02-15/04/2024 23:59 (CET)
Period 3 for September intake: 16/04-30/06/2024 23:59 (CET)

The application procedure includes 3 periods in order to give the applicants the freedom to submit their application when it’s most suitable for them. The applicants of each period have the same chance to get admittance for the programme. However, please note, that the Faculty of Humanities ELTE reserves the right to cancel the entrance periods in case the number of the admitted applicants reaches the limit during the previous entrance periods.

Procedure of the application

The application starts in the online application system. Students need to register in the system, fill in the online application form, upload the required documents and follow the instructions during the application process.
Applications will only be processed if the application fee (150 EUR; non-refundable) has been transferred to the Faculty’s bank account.
For further information and details about transferring the application fee please visit our Faculty’s website:

IBAN Bank Account: HU 03 1003 2000 0142 6201 0000 0000
Address: 1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 4/a, Hungary
Name of the Bank: Hungarian State Treasury Ltd. (Magyar Államkincstár)
Address of the Bank: 1139 Budapest, Váci út 71.

Name of applicant
AY (for example: 2024/25/1)
The University’s sub-account number: AC9202/04

Entrance examination and selection process

When the university receives the full application package and it is checked by the Department of International Affairs an entrance exam date option will be sent no later than the application deadline for the relevant period. Please, check your messages in the application system, and the e-mail address that is linked to the account regularly. The applications are examined by the Admission Board no later than after each application period and applicants are notified of the outcome of the selection in the online application system after the decision is official. Admission letters are sent out in the online application system within a few days.

Procedure of the entrance examination

The entrance exam contains a discussion about the motivation of the applicant. Successful applicants must have a good command of English to pass the entrance exam. The format of the entrance exam is an online interview. Ranking is based on the overall evaluation of academic excellence (based on the submitted documents) and the results of the entrance exam.

Program leader


Department of International Affairs
Address: Múzeum krt. 4,1088 Budapest

Philosophy MA

Philosophy MA