Orientation Days for International Students 2015/2016 Spring

Orientation Days for International Students 2015/2016 Spring

We warmly invite all international students to our Orientation Days for the Spring semester 2015/2016 at ELTE. We highly recommend you attending the event where you can meet fellow newly-arrived international students.

Time: 3–5 February 2016
Participation is free.

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During the Orientation Days you will hear about:

  • ELTE and ELTE faculties in general
  • Administrative to-do’s to get settled in Budapest (registration in Budapest, insurance) and to start your studies at ELTE (registration at the University, student ID)
  • Services provided by the University (e.g., library, language learning)
  • Ways to spend free time at ELTE (ESN ELTE, sports, university choir and orchestra, dance group)




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3 February 2016
4 February 2016
5 February 2016

Wednesday, 3 February 2016
Orientation and Campus Tour at the ELTE Faculties

Visit the faculty orientation event and join for the campus tour.

The faculty international coordinators give useful information about your faculty and administrative to do's at the faculty.
After the presentation, ESN ELTE mentors will show you around your faculty on the campus tour.



Faculty of Informatics (IK)
Venue: 1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/C; Room 1-110 (South Building)



Faculty of Education and Psychology (PPK)
Venue: 1064 Budapest, Izabella utca 46; Room 301



Faculty of Law (ÁJK)
Venue: 1056 Budapest, Egyetem tér 1-3; 1st floor Room VII. (Building A)



Faculty of Special Education (BGGYK)
Venue: 1097 Budapest, Ecseri út 3. Room A/202



Faculty of Primary and Pre-School Education (TÓK)
Venue: 1126 Budapest, Kiss János altábornagy utca 40 Room 3 (ground floor)



Faculty of Social Sciences (TáTK)
Venue: 1117 Budapest, Pázmány sétány 1/A, 0.89 (North Building);



Faculty of Science (TTK)
Venue: 1117 Budapest, Pázmány sétány 1/A, 5th floor Room 5.55 (Building A);



Speed Dating
Venue: Kuplung, Király u. 46., Budapest, Hungary, 1061
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Thursday, 4 February 2016



Official Welcome

  • Official Welcome by Éva OROSZ, Vice-Rector for Education
  • Introduction of ELTE by Nóra GAÁL, Head of International Office
  • Introduction of ESN ELTE by Zita KARÁCSON, President of ESN ELTE
  • Introduction of University Student’s Union by Gergő BENCSIK, Vice President for International Relations of University Student’s Union
  • Welcome Speech of Nick ROBERTSON, Senior Editor of We Love Budapest

Venue: Faculty of Law (1053 Budapest, Egyetem tér 1-3) Aula Magna (1st floor)



Information Market
Ask representatives from:

  • Hungarian language course (last-minute registration)
  • English language course (last-minute registration)
  • Office of Immigration and Nationality
  • Housing
  • Sports at ELTE
  • Together for environmental consciousness
  • Eötvös Art Ensemble
  • ELTE Peer Counseling Group
  • We Love Budapest

Venue: Faculty of Law (1053 Budapest, Egyetem tér 1-3) ground floor



Visit to Quaestura Office
ESN ELTE mentors take you to the Quaestura Office in small groups where you can receive your Neptun login password and student certificate.
NOTE: You can get your student certificate and Neptun login password only if your data are recorded in the Neptun system.
Venue: Faculty of Law (1053 Budapest, Egyetem tér 1-3) ground floor

Friday, 5 February 2016



Intercultural Introduction
The intercultural training helps you prepare for your international experience here at ELTE in Hungary. You can learn about Hungarian cultural characteristics, how you can deal with culture shock, and how you can use all this information during your studies at ELTE.

10:00-12:00 Group 1 (35 students)
Venue: 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy u. 23-27., 3rd floor Room 305.

10:00-12:00 Group 2 (35 students)
Venue: 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy u. 23-27., 3rd floor Room 314.

Register for the program here



Crash Course in Hungarian
Are you curious about Hungarian language and culture? Or are you simply hesitant whether you should enroll for a Hungarian language course? This "crash course" gives you an impression about Hungarian language and culture and you can also sign up for the language course for the full semester.

14:00-14:45 Group 1 (15 students)
15:00-15:45 Group 2 (15 students)
16:00-16:30 Group 3 (15 students)

Venue: Faculty of Humanities, 1088 Budapest Múzeum körút 4/I, II floor Room 208.

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Sport at ELTE
Have you ever tried Dynamic Yoga or Zumba? What do you know about Brazilian Jitsu or Kettlebell? During the program you will have a chance to know and try out various types of sport courses offered at ELTE or play in an international team in the championship.


14:00-15:00 Dynamic Yoga
14:00-15:00 Functional training

15:00-16:00 Aerobic
15:00-16:00 Kettlebell

16:00-16:15 Introduction of the ELTE Cheerleading Group
16:15-17:30 Zumba
16:15-17:15 Muay Thai
17:15-18:00 Muay Thai


14:00/15:00-18:00 Volleyball
14:00/15:00-18:00 Football
14:00/15:00-18:00 Basketball

Venue: 1117 Budapest, Bogdánfy Ödön utca 10/b

If you need help with finding the location, two ESN ELTE mentors will take you there.
Meeting point: Blaha Lujza square, in front of Burger King at 13:30 and at 15:30.
The last tour starts at the Faculty of Humanities, in front of Gólyavár at 16:45.

Register for the program here

We look forward to seeing you there!



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