The form is an online platform which partly replaces the documents previously submitted in paper format and needed for the Grant Agreement. By filling the form, you submit your official declarations related to your mobility to the Department of Erasmus+ and International Programmes; enter the data needed tp prepare your Grant Agreement. Completion of the form is mandatory in order to realize your mobility.

In order to reduce the administrative burden on our employees, we ask that you only fill out the form when you have all the necessary data (mainly your mobility dates)! Please also, if you want to apply for additional financial support for students with fewer opportunities or open a foreign currency account, do so before filling out the form!

After ELTE identification the form can be reached here.

Parts of the form

Declaration of status

Depending on the scholarship type you have been awarded, you have to prove your status during the mobility at ELTE. In case of study mobility student has to declare that will establish active student status for the whole mobility period. In case of traineeship after graduation student declares that the traineeship does not last longer than 12 months after the graduation/pre degree certificate. In case the student does not have active student status at ELTE throughout the mobility period, the student is not entitled to the Erasmus+ grant. A criterion of the Erasmus+ Traineeship after graduation is that it must not extend beyond 12 months after the graduation/pre degree certificate.

Please note that one of the basic conditions of the Erasmus scholarship is that the student has an active student status during the scholarship period in Hungary (it does not apply to students participating in traineeship after graduation). Please declare your active status in Neptun as usual (if you extend your Erasmus scholarship for the next semester, you will also need to activate that semester). If you have missed this, report it urgently to the faculty student administration. Passive students are not eligible for an Erasmus scholarship, failure to declare the active students status will result in a refund of the full amount of the grant awarded.

Declaration of the planned start and end of mobility

A declaration, based on the information provided by the host institution of the planned start and end dates of the physical mobility.

The start and end date of the mobility is always aligned with the study/traineeship period abroad, which will be confirmed by the host institution at the end of the mobility. The scholarship can only be awarded for this period, so please always submit the dates carefully. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain relevant information in advance.

In the case of study abroad mobility, the mobility period usually coincides with the start and end dates of the semester abroad, and may differ from this due to possible study-related reasons, such as participation in a preparatory language course or other preparatory trainings, orientation programmes before the semester. Please note that if you arrive in the host country earlier e.g. due to your booked accommodation that in itself does not affect the start date and the same rule applies to the end date. As the scholarship you are eligible for will be calculated based on the dates confirmed by the host institution at the end of the mobility, please consult them about the exact dates when planning your mobility to avoid any repayment obligation!

Declaration of OLS assessment

A declaration about the fact that you have the OLS assessment. Your declaration confirms that your OLS assessment is ready and it helps the Department of Erasmus+ and International Programmes.

Declaration of promotional activity

The aim of the promotional activity is to promote the Erasmus programme within the framework of ELTE by sharing the experiences gained during the mobility period. Students undertaking promotional activities can choose the form in which they would contribute to this.The submitted promotional materials may be published. In case of personal experience report/presentation students may be asked to present their experiences. Promotional activities are not obligatory.

Declaration of green travel

Students of ELTE participating in Erasmus+ long-term (studies, traineeship, traineeship after graduation) or short-term mobility, who opt for green travel between the sending and host countries, may receive additional support. Students applying for additional support must declare the form of their travel here.

The additional support for green travel can only be awarded based on this declaration. Attention! Students awarded with the additional support for green travel are obliged to keep the travel documents and provide proof of the realised green travel at the end of their mobility.

The support is calculated based on the information provided in the form. In case of a change (eg. in the implementation or means of the green trip), please send details to the e-mail address!

Data declaration for the Grant Agreement

The form is used to create a personalized Grant Agreement. There you must enter all the data required for this. Without the Grant Agreement physical mobility cannot be begin.

Please do not fill out the questionnaire in all capital letters!

Guidelines to the form:

  • Field of Studies: find at Neptun/Studies/Training Data next to "Training"
  • Residence address in Hungary: it is only necessary to fill in if your residence address is not the same as your permanent address in Neptun.
  • E-mail address: Please enter the e-mail address, that you frequently check.
  • Phone number. Please enter in this format: 36201234567.
  • Number of completed semesters of higher education. In the case of MA or PhD degree programmes, the number of BA/MA years is included (even if you have graduated from another higher education institution).
  • Year of study: Are you going to be a first-year or second-year, etc. student during your mobility at your current study cycle?
  • Previous Erasmus participation: only at the same study cycle (e.g.Erasmus at BA level not to be indicated in case of MA mobility), rounded up to the nearest month.
  • Mobility type: select from the drop-down menu.
  • The start and end dates of mobility: You only need to fill in the mandatory quarantine and virtual part data if you have such a part of your mobility. Enter the dates exactly. 
    • the planned physical period of the mobility has to be at least 2 months in case of traineeships, and 2 months in case of studies. 
    • if you want to indicate whole months, the date must be as in the example (eg 10/01/2000 - 9/04/2000).
  • Place of mobility: indicate the country and the city separately.
  • Bank account data: Given that, in the current situation of uncertainty, the duration of the planned physical mobility and the corresponding amount of scholarship may vary, a refund obligation is more likely to arise. In order to avoid the resulting conversion costs (as the scholarship is always paid in euros), we recommend that you open a euro-based account for your Erasmus + scholarship.
    Fill in the required information completely and precisely. In case of error, bank details can be changed before the first transfer is initiated by writing an email to and by filling out the amendment form. After that only with the amendment of the contract (after the mobility).
    • Bank account holder: Enter the exact name associated with the account
    • BIC / SWIFT code: the bank's 8- or 11-character identification code (eg OTPVHUHB), available on the bank's website
    • bank account number with IBAN code: consists of the letter code of the country (HU in case of a Hungarian bank account) and two numbers, followed by the bank account number (24 digits in the case of a Hungarian bank account); help here. Please enter without hyphens and spaces, in continuous form.
    • indication of the bank account number based on HUF or foreign currency (the transfer is always made in euros, if the account is based on HUF, the bank holding the account will convert the amount of the scholarship at the EUR-HUF exchange rate valid on the day of the transfer)
  • Insurance data:
    • Of the three types of insurance, traineeship mobility students are only required to take out health insurance, while the other two can be omitted, depending on traineeship activity, but are recommended. If you do not wish to take out insurance other than health insurance, you can enter health insurance data for both liability insurance and accident insurance, but this does not mean that you have valid liability or accident insurance.
    • It is not mandatory to enter EU health insurance, if you have other insurance, enter its name and number. (The EU insurance number is the 20-digit number at the bottom left of the health insurance card, so do not enter the TAJ number!)
    • Make sure that the insurance taken out covers the entire duration of the mobility! If your insurance (eg your EU card) expires earlier than the end date of the mobility, don't forget to renew it and send the new card to the email address by scanning it!
  • OLS assessment:
    • You must provide the result of the OLS assessment for this mobility, not of a previous OLS mobility or a language exam.
    • If the mobiity langage is your native language select "the mobility language is my mother tongue". If the mobility language does not have an OLS test, select the "OLS assessment is not available in the mobility language" option.