How to apply

How to apply

Application procedures, deadlines and admission requirements are specified separately for each degree program. After you select the degree program that you would like to apply for, please discuss all details concerning the application procedure with the coordinator of the selected program.

If you would like to apply for a degree program at ELTE, just follow these steps:

1. Have a look at the programs offered in foreign languages.
Browse through the degree programs that ELTE offers in foreign languages to international students.

2. Select your study program.
Select the degree program that you are interested in and would like to study. 

3. Read the program description.
Read the program description of the selected program to learn more about the program.

4. Read about the admission requirements and application procedure under "Admissions" in the program description.
Admission requirements and application procedures might differ for the programs, depending on the academic level and field of study. Read details about the admission requirements and application procedures under "Admissions" in the program description carefully for the selected program. It is also advisable to check carefully all deadlines.

5. Contact the program coordinator.
Contact the program coordinator of the selected program. You find the contact details under “Contact” in the description of the selected program.

Ask the program coordinator of the selected program about admission requirements and application procedure as well. The program coordinator gives you further information about the admission requirements and the application procedure of the program that you have selected. As the entrance examination is arranged by the programs on their own, the exact dates, venues and other details about the exam will be confirmed by the program coordinator.

6. Submit your application.
Follow the instructions under “Application procedure” in the program description and submit your application for (pre-)admission directly to the relevant faculty or school.

7. Attend the entrance examination.
For most programs, there is an entrance examination organized in person (if possible) or online.

8. Letter of Acceptance and tuition fee.
Once you have been admitted to the program, you will receive the document Letter of Acceptance, more information about how to pay the tuition fee and if necessary, how to apply for a visa and residence permit.

9. Sign up for the courses.
Depending on your degree program, you might need to register for the courses before your arrival. In order to register for the courses, follow the instructions provided by the faculty or program staff.  

10. Prepare for your arrival. 
It’s time to prepare for your stay in Budapest, Hungary. Learn more about practical matters, such as housinginsurancevisas, and other important details.