ENAGO Scientific Editing Tender

ENAGO Scientific Editing Tender HU
An agreement was signed between Eötvös Loránd University and ENAGO, which enables the lecturers and students at our university to have international scientific editing assistance due to ENAGO’s services.

The possibility of international English scientific editing and professional article editing promotes the writing of more publications in English at the university, which can be published in internationally renowned journals or publishers. This does not only benefit the writer of the article but also helps ELTE climb the ladder of international ranking of universities. The services could be requested using own funds or submitting an application for academic funding.

Working with ENAGO is greatly facilitated, since the application-proofreading process is entirely online on the company’s website. The service includes the examination of language, syntax and punctuation. Furthermore, the proofreading of elocutionary, references, and figures is also included.

The Scientific Council is still welcoming applicants for the foreign language scientific editing tender. The funding can be used for proofreading of scientific articles that are to be published in renowned foreign language journals or via a foreign publisher, but the author feels necessary to have the quality of his/her writing examined.

The announcement of the scientific editing tender can be found here.