NEPTUN - Administration of progress

NEPTUN - administration of progress

NEPTUN - administration of progress HU
The Neptun Education System is the electronic system at ELTE which makes the administration of your studies easier and faster. You can take your lectures and exams, follow the results of your courses and financial matters, and communicate with your fellows and professors via Neptun.

How I can reach my Neptun account?

When you visit click on ’Log in’ on the top right corner of the page then type your Neptun ID (6 characters) and your password. Two-step authentication is required to log in to Neptun, which requires a second step after entering the Neptun ID and password. A short video on how to use the interface is available here. After logging in click on ’Student web’ on the top of the page.

What is my Neptun ID and password?

For more information on how you will get a Neptun ID, please contact your faculty coordinator.
After you arrive at ELTE you can generate your password with the ’New password’ service on Neptun or request a password in person in the Quaestura Office.

If you are a first-year student and cannot generate your own password, you can contact the Quaestura Office.

You can change your Neptun password in your Neptun account. If you forgot the password, you can generate a new with the ’New password’ services on Neptun.

NOTE! You can get your Neptun login password only if your data are recorded in the Neptun system.


Before you log into your Neptun account, please read the “Neptun User Guide For Students” that you can download from the opening page of Neptun.




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