The Senate is the top management body of the institution. As the decision-making and monitoring body, the Senate defines the activities of the university, particularly the training and research functions, as well as the operation of the university and it also monitors their implementation.

Senate Members

Rector, Chancellor

Dr. László Borhy – Rector, Professor
Dr. Gyula Scheuer – Chancellor

Faculty of Law

Dr. Pál Sonnevend – Dean, Professor
Dr. János Fazekas – Associate Professor
Dr. Gábor Kecső – Assistant Professor

Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Needs Education

Dr. Gabriella Papp – Dean, College Professor
Dr. Bianka Kármán – Assistant Professor
Dr. Anett Maléth – Director

Faculty of Humanities

Dr. Dávid Bartus – Dean, Associate Professor
Dr. Tibor Gintli – Associate Professor
Dr. Lilla Krász – Associate Professor
Dr. Péter Kiszl – Associate Professor

Faculty of Informatics

Dr. Zoltán Horváth – Dean, Professor
Dr. Lajos Gergó – Associate Professor
Dr. Tamás Kozsik – Associate Professor

Faculty of Education and Psychology

Dr. Anikó Zsolnai – Dean, Professor
Dr. Andrea Dúll – Professor
Dr. Márton Hadarics – Assistant Professor

Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr. Gábor Juhász – Dean, Associate Professor
Dr. Anna Unger – Assistant Professor
Dr. Zsuzsanna Kiss – Assistant Professor

Faculty of Primary and Pre-School Education

Dr. Éva Márkus – Dean, Associate Professor
Dr. Ádám Pölcz - Assistant Professor
Dr. Éva Benkő Trentinné – Associate Professor

Faculty of Science

Dr. Imre Kacskovics – Dean, Professor
Dr. Zsolt Frei – Professor
Dr. András Perczel – Professor
Dr. Márton Naszódi – Associate Professor

Institute of Business Economics

Dr. Mihály Ormos – Director, Professor

Berzsenyi Dániel Teacher Training Centre

Dr. Tibor Lenner – Director, Associate Professor

Doctoral School Representative

Dr. Róbert Urbán – Professor

Student Union Representatives

Marcell Eszterhalmi – President of the University Students’ Union, ELTE
Anna Laura Dióssy – President of the Faculty Students’ Union, Faculty of Humanities, ELTE
Csaba Pásztor – President of the Faculty Students’ Union, Faculty of Law, ELTE
Luca Sára Takács – President of the Faculty Students’ Union, Faculty of Primary and Pre-School Education, ELTE
Viktor Péter Jeges – President of the Faculty Students’ Union, Faculty of Science, ELTE
Zoltán Livingston – President of the Faculty Students’ Union, Faculty of Social Sciences, ELTE
Dalma Diczkó – President of the Faculty Students’ Union, Faculty of Education and Psychology, ELTE
Katica Kup – President of the Faculty Students’ Union, Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Needs Education, ELTE
Dalma Deák – President of the Faculty Students’ Union, Faculty of Informatics, ELTE
Máté Barbér – President of the Dormitory Students’ Union, ELTE
Márk Valentin Madai – Acting President of the Institute Students’ Union, Institute of Business Economics, ELTE

Doctoral Union Representative

Norbert Bencze – President of the Doctoral Students’ Union, ELTE

Education and Research supporting public servant representatives

Dr. János Babos – Head of Center (Service Center, Chancellery)
Dr. Ferenc Takó – Head of Office (International Strategy Office, Rector’s Cabinet)

ELTE FDSZ (Higher Education Workers’ Union) Representatives

Dr. László Horváth - Associate Professor, Director of Eötvös Collegium
Zsolt Pálfia – President of FDSz ELTE SzB

Special Invitees

Dr. Emília Rikker – Director General, Legal, Administration and Procurement Directorate, Chancellery
Dr. László Zentai – Professor, Vice-Rector for Education
Dr. Imre Hamar – Professor, Vice-Rector for International Affairs
Dr. Lénárd Darázs – Professor, Vice-Rector for General Affairs
Dr. Enikő Magyari – Professor, Vice-Rector for Research
Dr. Georgina Horváth – Rector’s Commissioner General for Student Affairs
Dr. Tamás Cseszregi – Director of Directorate of Education, Chancellery
Zádor Gál-Esztegár – President of Committee of Equal Opportunities
Dr. Nikoletta Sey – Head of Rector’s Cabinet
Ágnes Antalné Dr. Szabó - Associate Professor, Director General of Teacher Training Center
Dr. Lilla Kóczián – Head of Rector’s Coordination Center
Dr. Ferenc Mesterházy – Director of ELTE Gyertyánffy István Elementary School
Annamária Gombos Kulcsár Szabó Ernőné – Dirctor General of University Library
Bálint Theisz – Head of Chancellor's Cabinet
Miklós Rozgonyi – Director General of Directorate of Financial Affairs