Before the mobility

Before the Mobility - short-term mobilities

Pre-departure documentation process for students going on Erasmus short-term student mobility

Learning Agreement

Please complete the Learning Agreement form with the help of the ELTE academic coordinator.

  • For participating in a BIP programme the form can be found here
  • For short-term doctoral mobilities the form can be found here (If there is a change during the mobility compared to what is stated in the Learning Agreement, it is necessary to fill out the Learning Agreement During the Mobility document and send the signed version to the faculty coordinator.)


Health insurance can be certified by having an EU health insurance card valid for the whole mobility period or any other health insurance that is valid in the host country during the whole mobility period.
As you must have a valid insurance for the entire duration of your mobility, if your EU health insurance card is due to expire during your mobility, you must renew it in time.

OLS assessment

You can access the language test by connecting to the new interface of OLS on the following page. The following guidance document is available for registration, access to the test and language courses.
You must complete the OLS test before every mobility, which is at least 14 days long, even if you have already completed one before for a previous mobility. Filling out the OLS assessment is not obligatory for physical mobilities shorter than 14 days.
It is IMPORTANT to take a screenshot of the result when completing the test. The image must include your name in the upper right corner and the result of the test. You will need to send this screenshot to your faculty coordinator along with the other before mobility documents.
If you happen to have closed the page and want to view your result again to complete the screenshot, follow the steps in this document.


After caesar identification the form can be reached here. Parts of the form:
• Declaration of status
• Declaration of OLS assessment
• Declaration of promotion activity
• Declaration of green travel*
• Data declaration for the Grant Agreement
• Declaration of liability

*From the academic year 2022/23, students may receive additional support for confirmed green travel between the sending and host countries. The call for application is available here.

If you apply for additional travel days, please make sure to indicate this on the form even in the case of green travel. (Note that the physical length of the mobility, including travel days, can be a maximum of 30 days, therefore, in the case of 30-day mobility, we cannot take into account possible travel days even in the case of green travel.)

Grant Agreement

The pdf version of the Grant Agreement will be sent to all students by email, tailored to the information submitted on the form. Please read the Grant Agreement carefully and check the information in it! If you find everything is fine, sign the document electronically and send back via e-mail. In case if you can not sign the document via AVDH authentication please print it out in 4 copies, sign each one with a blue pen and send them to the Department of Erasmus+ and International Programmes of the Eötvös Loránd University Education Directorate (1056 Budapest, Szerb u. 21–23).

The documents must be submitted in the following procedure and order:

1. The form must be finalized electronically with the "Submit" button. If you wish to correct / modify something in the data provided on the form afterwards, please inform us by email at, DO NOT fill in the form again!

2. To be sent by email to the faculty international coordinator:

• A pdf version of the Learning Agreement signed by all three parties

• Copy of document (s) proving the existence of insurance (s)

• A screenshot of the result of the OLS test (if obligatory)

3. Authenticate the Grant Agreement received by e-mail using the website, then send it back to OR Send 4 signed, original copies of the Grant Agreement to the Department of Erasmus+ and International Programmes of the Eötvös Loránd University Education Directorate (1056 Budapest, Szerb u. 21–23).

The personalized Grant Agreement will be prepared and sent to the student only after completing Steps 1 and 2 completely and correctly, and the documents sent in step 2 have been approved by the faculty coordinator and forwarded to the Department of Erasmus+ and International Programmes of ELTE. The Learning Agreement and insurance documents will be checked and forwarded, and the personalized Grant Agreement will be prepared within 10 working days of receipt (completion of Step 2). The transfer of your scholarship (in one instalment) is expected to be awarded within 4 weeks of the receipt of the signed Grant Agreement submitted in full according to step 3. We undertake the above deadlines only in case of complete documentation and completion, if amendment is needed, the Grant Agreement will be sent with some delay.

If you have any questions, please contact us at