After the mobility

After the Mobility - short-term mobilities

Closing documentation process for students going on Erasmus short-term physical mobility

By submitting the Erasmus + final documents, students fulfill their obligations under the Grant Agreement regarding the settlement.

How to close the mobility?

Submit all of the documents to your faculty coordinator electronically (e-mail) not later than 30 DAYS after your mobility:

  1. Confirmation e-mail of the filled EU Survey(If you can't find the confirmation email, please attach the first page of the completed report.)
    Students are required to complete an online report about their Erasmus + mobility. You will automatically receive an invitation to complete it by e-mail. The certificate of the completion must be sent to your faculty coordinator. (If you can't find the confirmation email, please attach the first page of the completed report.) 
    Attention! The interface that sends the invitation to the EU survey to students is currently under construction, therefore you may experience some delay in receiving the survey. If this affects you, you can temporarily submit your final materials without the certificate. At the same time, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is mandatory to fill out the form afterwards (we will also send a warning e-mail about this); in case of failure to do so, you will have to pay back the whole grant!
  2. - In case of BIP mobilities: Transcript of Records: It contains the course completed at the host institution and their credit value, as well as the signature and seal of the host institution, etc.
    - In case of short-term doctoral mobilities: Learning Agreement After the Mobility: Which contains the duration of the mobility, as well as the verification of the activities carried out by the participant and the signature of the host institution.
  3. Certificate of Attendance (certificate of the exact dates of the mobility): Optional. In the case of blended mobility, please use the Certificate of Attendance to confirm the dates of your mobility. Please ask your host institution to fill it out and sign it. In other cases, the certificate can be substituted with the Transcript of Records/Learning Agreement After the Mobility section.
  4. Certificate of green travel: Students awarded with the additional support for green travel are obliged to keep the travel documents and provide proof of the realised green travel at the end of their mobility. Accordingly, please take special care to keep the tickets used during the trip! Accepted certificates:
    • travel documents (travel tickets - e.g. bus ticket, train ticket), which contain the name of the student, the travel dates and the location of departure and arrival, or
    • without them (e.g. carsharing, car-pooling, train ticket without a name) a legal liability form (through a customer gateway with AVDH authentication, or signed and scanned with a pen).