Student Residence Halls

Student Residence Halls

If you decide to live in one of the ELTE student residence halls, you can choose from dormitories available for both Hungarian students and international exchange students. Please note that the number of the places is limited.

In these dormitories you can always find the place that suits you best, as the dormitories differ in atmosphere and also in the facilities provided.Some dormitories are popular among ELTE students because there is an active student life there, while others are favored by ELTE students because their quietness ensures that students can focus on their studies.

Staying in a dormitory for a semester has many advantages. It is a perfect place to meet fellow students and to make new friends. You can always get useful tips from them about the university and the city.

Register in a dormitory during your studies at ELTE here.

Deadline of dormitory application for spring semester 2016/2017: 15 January 2017.

The Dormitory Coordinator ( address) will send an e-mail to all registered students about the result of the dormitory application until 27 January 2017.
Please note, that we can not guarantee that you will get a place in the preferred dormitory.

Are you staying at an ELTE dormitory already and you have any questions or difficulties?

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