Mechanical Engineering BSc


Mechanical Engineering BSc


Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Mechanical Engineering


Degree program



Accreditation number



Savaria University Center (city: Szombathely)




7 semesters (3.5 years)

ECTS credits


Minimum number of students


Maximum number of students



This program's primary objective is to train proficient mechanical engineers with a comprehensive foundation in both theoretical principles and industrial practices. Graduates of this program will acquire the expertise necessary for involvement in the design and production of entire machinery systems or individual machine components. They will be adept at utilizing Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools, managing and optimizing complete production processes across various engineering domains. Mechanical engineers emerging from this program will possess a problem-solving attitude and the ability to collaborate effectively within large-scale project teams. 

This program is ideally suited for applicants intrigued by contemporary Production and Manufacturing technologies, including the exciting realm of Industry 4.0 applications. 

This program equips students with fundamental knowledge in Mechanical Engineering within the context of Production Technologies. The curriculum encompasses rigorous core subjects such as Applied Solid- and Fluid Mechanics, complemented by advanced computational tools such as Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Students are exposed to both theoretical underpinnings and practical methodologies, preparing them for the creation and implementation of complex engineering systems and structures. To enhance the practical aspects of learning, students have access to cutting-edge laboratories, including the Laboratory of Materials Sciences, the Laboratory of Production Technologies, and the Control Technique Laboratory.

Strength of program

The program's strength is underpinned by a highly qualified academic faculty committed to maintaining a high standard of education. Modern infrastructure, including equipment such as tensile testers, CNC machines, SEM microscopes, and robots, as well as well-equipped computer labs featuring software like Ansys, Solid Edge, Inventor, ADAMS, and Matlab, support the teaching and research activities. The Faculty's extensive library houses thousands of volumes, enriching the learning experience. 

First-year students receive invaluable guidance through a mentorship system provided by senior students and PhD candidates, helping them navigate the challenges of university life. 

In addition to rigorous theoretical training, the Faculty's close ties with the business community and collaborative research and development projects provide students with up-to-date practical knowledge. The Faculty has established bilateral agreements with numerous international universities, enabling students to undertake semesters abroad or participate in global research initiatives. 

Students are encouraged to engage in extracurricular undergraduate research activities, with guidance from leading faculty members. These students have the opportunity to showcase their research findings at both national and international conferences. 

Furthermore, the program's limited class size, with only 48 spots available, fosters a more close and interactive learning environment. This enables students to engage more effectively with professors in smaller groups, facilitating a deeper understanding of the subjects.

Find the current structure of the program on this link.

Career opportunities

Mechanical Engineers are welcome in several sectors of engineering both in Hungary or anywhere in Europe. Jobs are offered by large international companies, outstanding Hungarian firms, large enterprises, state institutions, vehicle producing companies, research institutes and universities where they may be engaged in the preparation of computer-aided design, structural analysis, quality management’s issues and their solutions, production efficiency enhancement or management tasks.

Job examples
  • Design Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Automatization Engineer
  • Simulation Engineer
  • Research Fellow
EU/EEA students
non-EU/EEA students
Tuition fee/semester

3,200 EUR

3,200 EUR

Application fee

80 EUR

80 EUR

Registration fee



non-EU/EEA students
Tuition fee/semester

3,200 EUR

Application fee

80 EUR

Registration fee


Offered for the next academic year


Start program

01, Sep, 2024

Deadline for applications - September intake

30, Apr, 2024

Is there a February intake


Admission requirements

Entry requirements

Applicants are required to have sufficiently good grades in their secondary school finishing exams, especially from Mathematics. Intermediate level of English knowledge is also required.

The applicant must be 18 years old by August 31.

Language requirements

Minimum level of language proficiency (oral) (A1-C2): B1

Minimum level of language proficiency (written) (A1-C2): B1

Accepted proof of proficiency: FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL

Further comments: There will be an oral interview with all the applicants

In case the applicant has completed his/her previous level of studies in English, a proof can be uploaded about the fact that the language of education was English

Documents to submit with application
Online application form  
Record of the final two years in secondary school  
Secondary school certificate  
Transcript of records  
Proof of application fee transfer  
Motivation letter  
Copy of the main pages
of the passport (needs to be valid)
Passport photo  
Medical certificate certificates have to be issued and signed by a physician to prove that the applicant does not have the following illnesses: AIDS, Hepatitis A, B, C, or any other epidemic conditions  
Language certificate

Accepted proof of proficiency: FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL

In case the applicant has completed his/her previous level of studies in English, a proof can be uploaded about the fact that the language of education was English

Further comments (if needed)

Applicants are required to have sufficiently good grades in their secondary school finishing exams, especially from Mathematics. Intermediate level of English knowledge is also required.

Application procedure

The application starts in the online application system ( Students need to register in the system, fill in the online application form, upload the required documents and follow the instructions during the application process.

The application fee should be transferred using the following information:

Name of beneficiary: Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem
Address of beneficiary: Egyetem tér 1-3., Budapest, H-1053, HUNGARY
Account number: 10032000-01426201-00000000
IBAN number: HU03 1003 2000 0142 6201 0000 0000
Swift code: HUSTHUHB
Bank’s name and address: Magyar Államkincstár (Hungarian State Treasury), Váci út 71., Budapest, H-1139, HUNGARY

Please add the following Comment to the bank transfer:
Your name, Mechanical Engineering BSc, E12105/19

Entrance examination and selection process:

The applications are examined by the Admission Board until 31 May and applicants are notified of the outcome of the selection in the online application system until 30 June. Admission letters are sent out in the online application system or via e-mail until 15 July .

Type of entrance examination: oral and/or written

Place of entrance examination: online

Further details of selection and evaluation:

The ranking is based on a total evaluation of the academic excellence (based on the submitted documents) and the results of the entrance exam. The submitted documents shall be examined and evaluated by the Mechanical Engineering BSc Admissions Committee. At the same time the applicants have to fulfill an online entry test and participate on the online (Skype or Teams) interview.

Program leader

Name: Prof. Dr. Jurij Sidor
Position: Full professor
TEL: 0036 94/504-460

Program coordinator

Stipendium Hungaricum administrator
Name: Anita Tajnai
Position:  International coordinator
Phone: 0036-94-519-699
Postal address: Károlyi Gáspár tér 4, H-9700 Szombathely, Hungary

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