Benefits HU

The ELTE Alumni Organization provides many benefits to its international alumni.

After registration, our alumni members receive an alumni card that proves their membership.

Discounts for ELTE international alumni:

University Library:

  • 20% discount on annual enrollment fee
  • 20% discount on the price of tickets for events

ELTE Botanical Garden:

  • special price on pass for Alumni members
  • 20% discount on entance ticket
  • invitation to the annually held Patronage days for Alumni members who support the Foundation through the Botanical Garden
  • Alumni members can participate a free guided tour of the Botanical Garden once a year

The University Athletics Club (BEAC):

  • discount on trainings on the University Athletics Club with alumni card
  • variety of sport activities at different parts of the city, more information on the website of BEAC.

ELTE Eötvös Publishing Ltd.:

  • 20-30% on books of the Eötvös Publishing bookstore network
  • 5-10% discount on books of other publishing houses;
  • ELTE nostalgia products can be purchased

ELTE Dormitories:

  • 40% discount on dormitory fees during the summer period

ELTE Summer University of Hungarian Langauge and Culture:

  • 20% discount on the full price

ELTE Budapest Summer University:

  • 20% discount on the full price

For more information on Benefits to our Hungarian speaking Alumni, please click here.